Monday, 9 January 2012

From the Desk of Karen Rubins...

Comics and Graphic Novels Course For Adults

West Dean College, Chichester. Suitable for all levels.
You will learn about comic and graphic novel storytelling techniques, and how to create your own visual narrative. Everyone will end the course with one completed comic page, and the skills to continue their work for themselves. We will look at comic and graphic novel art styles, the use of text and images, the "grammar" of comic art, use of sound effects, abstraction, and styles. You provide a story from your own experience, or one you wish to adapt into the medium.
Comics and Graphic Novels
2nd – 4th March 2012

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  1. Sorry for having to post on here, but the contact form on the website is not working. I am hoping to get in contact with David Lloyd, as I have been asked to come up with BBC Radio documentary ideas, and one would involve David talking about the creation of the V For Vendetta. The BBC are very keen on this idea, so if I could get him on board that would cement the it all a bit more.

    If you could provide an email contact address or for him to contact me via my email to give him more details that would be fantastic.

    Kind regards,

    Mark Jackson (