Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Stool Pigeon

The Stool Pigeon is delighted to present an exhibition of comic art at Orbital Comics, London, from August 19 to September 18, featuring full-page strips, cartoons and visual gags from throughout our six-year history alongside original artwork, line drawings and sketches.

The Stool Pigeon is a bi-monthly, free, fully independent and award-winning music newspaper based in London and available across the UK. Each issue contains an exclusive eight-page comics section, recognised for producing some of the best underground comic art in Britain today. This exhibition is a chance to put that work in its own context, away from the paper’s music journalism, and included in the show are all our regular comic strip writers and cartoonists — Krent Able, Paul O’Connell and Lawrence Elwick (Charlie Parker ‘Handyman’), Martin Kellerman (Rocky), Richard Cowdry (Down Town), Luke Pearson, Moochowski, Babak Ganjei (Hilarious Consequences), Dave The Chimp, Mickey Gibbons and others.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Events Dear Boy, Events

Hello there,

This coming weekend the Comics & Conflicts event at the Imperial War Museum promises to be interesting. There's a conference on Friday 19th and loads of events on Saturday 20th.  Cartoon County readers might want to get along to the panel with Brightonians and CC fellows Sean Duffield, Daniel Locke and Ben Naylor talking about the anthology War: The Human Cost that they have all contributed to (and Sean has heroically edited and brought to print). This is an excellent book and worth getting whether or not you can get to the Museum next Saturday. Word has it that Francesca Cassavetti is going to bring along her mother who kept a diary during the war - Francesca created a beautiful comic based on this.

Info from Alex Fitch at panelborders ticktets at: http://wartime.iwm.org.uk/?page_id=13 (scroll down to find tickets for individual events)

Article and links from Paul Gravett here:

Hope to see you there.

In other news,

Tom Humberstone is looking for a little help realising the latest issue of his excellent bi-annual anthology Soplosistic Pop. This one looks to be a doozzie, with glow in the dark ink, screen printed folders and a contributors list to die for.

This from Tom:

As most of you know, I've been publishing Solipsistic Pop for three volumes and I'm currently putting the fourth volume together now for a November release.

It's extremely ambitious - involving glow-in-the-dark ink, hand screenprinted folders and pull-out dustjackets - and has a much larger print-run of 1,000. Because of this, I'm going to need some help getting it printed this time around.

So I've set up an indiegogo fundraising page for Solipsistic Pop 4http://www.indiegogo.com/sp4

There are all sorts of incentives involving exclusive content and original artwork. Plus an introductory video in which you can all have a laugh at how uncomfortable I am when a camera is in my immediate vicinity.

Really appreciate any help you can give.