Monday, 30 May 2011

Welcome, Welkom, Benvingut, Dynnargh dhis, Bienvenue, Willkommen

Hurrah and welcome one and all to the new Cartoon County blog.

For those that don't know the Cartoon County, we are a collective of cartoonists, strip cartoonists, and graphic novelists united by a love of words and pictures and the fact that we all reside in the beautiful county of Sussex.

This space will be used to promote the various exciting activities, and comics and cartoon related projects that go on in the county. As well as pointing out, and hopefully stimulating discussion around interesting cartoon and comics news.

So please drop by from time to time and feel free to leave your comments when you do.

'HRH The Prince Regent Awakening the Spirit of Brighton' 
by Rex Whistler

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  1. Here is the info for the Artists Open Houses Festival registration for May 2011 so apply these dates and costs to next year -

    Registration for the May Open Houses festival 2010 opened on Friday 7th January 2011.

    Standard rate (from Saturday, 5th February 2011)

    *£285 for a single space (quarter page) listing
    *£460 for a double space (half page) listing

    For May 2011, if you are a first time participant, you will need to join a trail, or if there are no trails in your area, join the independent houses. Click here for a list of Trail Reps.

    - I havent been able to find any dates/deadlines/costs for the Christmas Open Houses online yet. Will keep looking.